Job Opportunities in Survivability

Deputy Program Manager, GS-14, JASPO
(Posted 04/29/07)
This position is NOT open to current DOD employees.  Resumes are due by 21 May, per paragraph 3 below.

1.  The Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office (JASPO) is looking to permanently fill a GS-14 (or equivalent) Deputy Program Manager position in Arlington, VA.  The incumbent will work for the USAF Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) but will be matrixed full-time to the JASPO.  The purpose of this announcement is to gather resumes from interested and qualified candidates.

2.  The selected individual will be assigned to the JASPO as the Deputy Program Manager for Vulnerability Reduction.  Duties for the position include:  Planning, organizing, and overseeing JASP engineering efforts; executing goals and objectives to promote increased effectiveness, affordability, and readiness of US military aircraft through Joint coordination and development of susceptibility and vulnerability reduction technologies and assessment methodologies; providing engineering consultation and guidance for aeronautical system performance and capability; recommending original and creative approaches to improve the capability, performance, and effectiveness of existing and future weapon systems; coordinating with Joint Live Fire (JLF) tests on aircraft platforms to quantify system vulnerabilities and verify survivability enhancements; presenting JASP initiatives and results to the DoD community through presentation(s) at technical conferences/symposia/workshop or submission of conference / symposium / journal articles; interfacing with OSD/DOT&E and Service investment programs, the intelligence community, other federal agencies, and industry to improve military aircraft survivability; coordinating with Joint and Service staffs on aviation capability gaps that require aircraft survivability Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) and ensures gaps are addressed in a joint war-fighting context; preparing correspondence, briefings, specifications, and other documentation relevant to assigned projects; attending meetings at government and contractor facilities to exchange information pertaining to the progress of studies, representing the JASPO and the Air Force; expressing information to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of information; and making recommendations regarding analysis being done to support of vulnerability reduction.  The individual will work with tri-service aircraft survivability specialists in a coordinating/subgroup construct.  The permanent duty station is the JASPO in Arlington, VA (Crystal City).  Travel is expected to be about 25% of duty time.

3.  In order to give fair and equal consideration to all interested and qualified candidates, request you submit a written resume for this position by COB 21 May, 2010. The evaluation will be based on the applicant's depth and breadth of knowledge, training and experience related to aviation and aircraft survivability.  Please indicate your latest performance rating, acquisition certification (eligibility and levels achieved) and highest education level achieved (including degree and date) in the documentation package.  Information should be forwarded to Mr. Dennis Lindell, 703-604-1104, at, with a copy to Mr. Timothy Ewart, 937-904-4553, at

Dennis Lindell
Program Manager
Joint Aircraft Survivability Program
"Survivability Enhancement Today & Beyond"
200 12th St. So., Suite 1103
Arlington, VA 22202

This Postition has expired
Analyst: Large Aircraft Survivability

Institute for Defense Analyses

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(Posted 03/16/07)

This Postion has been filled
Survivability Engineer
Ballistics and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC)
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Stratford, CT
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(Posted 07/21/06)

Responsibilities -- Ballistics and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survivability Engineering, a group within Loads & Survivability, is responsible for planning, developing, assessing, and qualifying all vulnerability reduction and survivability enhancement features to be integrated into Sikorsky Aircraft products. The results are formulated into design recommendations which are flowed down to the various aircraft design organizations for incorporation into the system design. The recommendations must provide an optimized survivability design solution within the cost and weight goals of the specific program.

The Ballistic Vulnerability Analyst works with design engineering and program management to develop, analyze, test and integrate ballistic vulnerability reduction features at a component, system, and total air vehicle level. Activities are focused on design assessment through the use of specialized state-of-the-art analytical codes.

The NBC Survivability Analyst conducts (NBC) vulnerability assessments of the total air vehicle system, including individual subsystems and components. This is accomplished through material coupon specimen screening, or testing, to determine degradation due to exposure to an NBC contamination environment.

Education -- B.S. in Aeronautical or Mechanical Engineering

Experience/Qualifications -- Secret Clearance a benefit, a minimum 3 years experience in aerospace design and analysis of aircraft systems, helicopter or aircraft system survivability analysis experience, prior military experience and/or helicopter piloting experience.

Additional Comments -- The applicant should expect to have to travel periodically to Government meetings and Testing sites, in addition to off-site meetings at Ballistic Analysis Subcontractor's facilities.